Consider This Checklist Preview

Here is a section from the Consider This Checklist. A slideshow was something that I thought of after the fact. I wish I would've had this list to give me ideas for his service and have no regrets for what it could have been.

Thoughts from Felila about her son's Services

“As I tried to cope and navigate the days leading up to his funeral, I had so many thoughts…

“I felt like every little detail of his service was going to be my last opportunity to honor him and that feeling was mentally paralyzing.


“Sometimes , when you’re in the thick of grief, it’s hard to “think of everything” or even remember a thought you had five minutes before. 

“That reflection has been a motivating factor for me in creating  this Checklist. I have been in those moments of mental paralysis. It’s awful! 
And sometimes, we all just need a little help.

This Checklist Can Help You:

Lend a hand to loved one

Help them along this road

Offer hope and Encouragement

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